Art History Projects

A is for Art

As we continue our Letter A activities I decided that we would throw in a weekly art project and a brief lesson on a famous artist. I started by explaining to my little one that when some people go to work their job is to make art. While scrolling through Pinterest I stumbled across an art project that I felt my non-artistic self could handle, a stamping project about Andy Warhol’s famous Flowers painting from (An added plus was that as his name started with an A I could have my daughter “find an A” on the title page.)

Supplies needed:

  • Paper or Canvas (I had a few small canvases left over from a pack I bought for another project we did a few years back so I did let her use one for this project)
  • Paint (We used Crayola Finger Paints as that is what we already had. I mixed colors until I made black)
  • Half of a green bell pepper ($0.89 at Target and then we used the other half in a salad later that week)
  • Paper plate to hold the paint

Since we had all put the pepper already at home this project cost only 89 cents!

I had been busy and forgotten to look up/request a book from the library in advance so we wound up with the one book that was available at our local library branch, Fortunately I did include lots of photographs of Warhol’s work and several photographs of the work we were going to use as our inspiration. We looked through the pictures together and explained to my little one that we were going to try and make our own painting like Andy Warhol’s and showed her the pictures.

I stamped the first “flower” for her and then let her go at it from there. After repeatedly stamping her canvas she wanted to do more so I found a few pieces of scrap paper and let her stamp them as well. When she grew bored we set the paintings aside until the next day in order to let the black paint dry before adding color.

Dip in the paint…
…then stamp. Ta Da!

The next evening we came back to the project and I let her add color with a paint brush. She didn’t quite grasp the concept of staying inside the lines but had a lot of fun regardless. I am planning on repeating this project again with her next year to see how she grows and changes.

Adding color on the second day.

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