Art History Projects, What We're Reading


I chose Picasso for our next famous artist study. It was a great pick because it turns out my little one loves Picasso. I found a project on Pinterest from

Next we made a stop at our local library and found this book on the shelves.

I read the book to her and we had fun looking at the pictures and discussing the different periods or finding different items in the pictures. In particular she had fun looking at the Cubism paintings and identifying different items in them.

In preparation for this activity I had precut out a variety of shapes in different color construction paper. I did have to go out and purchase glue sticks as this was a new item for us. So this project did cost $2.89.

I set out all of the construction paper cut outs and let her self select and glue the shapes.

She enjoyed herself so much that she made several of them. She will even ask to read “Picasso book” when we are picking out books before bed time.

One of her finished “Picassos”.

Do you have any suggestions for other artists she may enjoy? Leave use a comment below.


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