What We're Reading

Traveling Around the World with Reading

In addition to the books that we have been reading that help reinforce our letters of the month, we have also been reading books about different continents/areas of the world. This month I selected some books about Africa, Australia and Antarctica to correspond with one of our letters this month and to interduce my little one to the idea of different parts of the world. (Prior to this she would only refer to Florida and then to areas where family members lived).

I started out by selecting a book to try to help me introduce the idea that where we live is only one small part of the world as a whole. The book I chose was Maps & Globes by Jack Knowlton and Harriet Barton. (Click on the image for a link to Amazon for more information).

Below is the rest of what we are reading:

We checked out a few more recommended books about Antarctica but found that they were too difficulty for her current level and had far too many words per page. My plan is to seek out additional books and try again with Antarctica in the future, maybe focusing more on animals (penguins, seals, killer whales) as the books about animals from Australia and Africa seemed to hold her attention better.

Do you have any books that you recommend we try out? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We would love to know what you and your little ones are currently reading at home. We are always looking for new books to try.


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