Fine Motor Fun, Reading Extension Activities, Working to Make Gross Motor Gains

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

My daughter is celebrating Dr. Seuss this week at her school. We decided to bring the fun home by decorating her bedroom door. Last year around Easter I found a lot of Dr. Seuss items on clearance at Target including stickers, toys and bulletin board items. I pulled one set of bulletin board decorations out and let her go to town. I paid $1.50 for these items last spring.

I put up the high cut outs while my little one put up the low ones.

I had my daughter work on her fine motor and practical skills during this activity by having her practice tearing and applying the tape. I worked with her on rolling the tape in a circle to make it double sided.

We addressed gross motor by having her go from sitting on the floor to standing and reaching to apply the characters.

I also gifted her a small Cat in the Hat toy that I found at Target in the clearance items last spring for $2.98. You can see him at the bottom of the door. Now she is very excited to go to school tomorrow and participate in their week long activities. I haven’t been to Target lately, has anyone noticed if they have any Dr. Seuss items again this year? Do you have any suggestions for any Dr. Seuss crafts that she may enjoy? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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