Toddler Toy Recommendations

Toy Recommendations for One Year Olds

Building on my previous post here is the list of toys that were the most loved in our house when my daughter was one. (Disclaimer: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Clicking on the photographs links you to

1. Mega Blocks

Blocks are a great way to work on midline play and bilateral coordination. We like the Mega Bloks as they are large enough to not have to worry about choking hazards but still work well with little hands. At first you will have to assist more but once your little one gets the hang of them they will be able to but them together themselves. We got lucky and found some Mega Bloks on clearance after Christmas at Bells and were able to use our Bells Bucks to get them for almost free. I’ve included a link to Amazon below as I have personally not run across that deal since. Has anyone found Mega Bloks on clearance anywhere? Leave us a comment and let us know.

2. Shape Sorter

My little one received the shape sorter below as a first birthday gift. It was perfect! The shapes are large enough to not worry about choking but the small overall size helped make it an easy toy to take along and did not take up too much space in the toy bin. I liked this toy to help work on shape recognition and matching.

3. Chunky Puzzles or Sound Puzzles

My little one loved puzzles at one and the large chunky puzzles by Melissa and Doug were just the right size for her little hands. We also loved the puzzles that made sounds, in particular the ones that made animal sounds as she was learning to talk. We would mimic the sounds while playing with the puzzles to help work on her speech and different sounds.

4. Egg Shakers

Little ones love to make music. We would use all kinds of household items to bang on especially our metal pots and pans. She also received a music set as a first birthday gift from a friend but by far her favorite instrument at one were shaker eggs like these. They fit just right in her little hands and she loved the sound they made. Check out these below on Amazon.

5. Toys that encourage pretending (Cleaning toys, cooking toys, baby dolls)

It’s never too early to introduce your child to playing pretend. Studies have shown that pretending is an important part of children’s development. My one year old loved to mimic what Mommy was doing around home. For her first birthday she received this Melissa and Doug set as a gift. She loved to mimic Mommy and sweep the floor.

Here she is using the broom (when I witnessed it Mommy couldn’t help but run and put on her bonnet to make her look like a sweet little “Little House” character. (If you have money to splurge and love classic children’s looks check out The Beaufort Bonnet Company at

Play Kitchens are another great idea. We were fortunate enough to get this model as a hand me down. It’s perfect for one year olds as it is height adjustable. My little one loved to take things in and out of the refrigerator and microwave at that age.

Baby dolls are another great idea. We particularly like plastic baby dolls like the one below as my daughter is able to take them with her into the bathtub and the pool. She has a very similar bathtub toy as this that she now plays with that she is older. It makes for a great hot day activity.

6. Push/Ride Toy

My daughter received this ride on toy as a birthday gift for her first birthday and it was perfect. She could sit and ride on it, stand and push it from behind and she loved pushing all the buttons and playing music. The seat also lifts up to a small storage area underneath and she enjoyed taking small toys in and out. It provided endless hours of fun.

7. Pounding Toy

What little one doesn’t love to bang? This toy helped with hand eye coordination. We also would use it when working with her speech, repeating up and down.

8. Sand/Water Table

While this is a more expensive pick it does make for a great one year old gift. All of my nieces and nephews also love to dig in the sand and play in the water. On a recent visit to a children’s museum the water table was the highlight and the busiest area. My family up north will put their sand and water table in the basement during the winter to allow the kids to continue to play. If you have the ability in your budget to accommodate such a item I would highly recommend it.

9. Dimpl

10. Wooden Rainbow Stacker

What is toys does your 1 year old love? What would you add or subtract from this list? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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