We’re Going on a Bug Hunt!

“We’re going on a Bug Hunt! We’re going to find a big one!”. My little one is a huge fan of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.

She has almost the whole book memorized and it is one of our go to bedtime books. This has lead to one of my favorite activities to keep her active and occupied while I am getting some housekeeping done nearby. While she counts I run around the room and hide plastic bugs for her to hunt.

I bought a bag of plastic bugs at our favorite second hand children’s store for $3.50. You can find similar ones on Amazon (This post contains affiliate links from which I make commissions if you purchase) by clicking below.

While I get my chores done my daughter searches for the bugs using her magnifying glass and binoculars that she received as a birthday gift. You can find them on Amazon by clicking on the affiliate links below.

She found a grasshopper!

For added fun I have her imagine going through the obstacles from the book like the swishy swashy long wavy grass or the squelch squerch thick oozy mud. It’s an easy set up activity and I have her “catch” the bugs back into her pink bin sot that the clean up is already complete.

What are your go to activities for when you need to keep your little one occupied so you can get something done around the house? We are always looking for new ideas to try. Leave us a comment and let us know!